App Review: Bounty Bots

Bounty Bots for iPhone and iPad gets 4 out of 5 stars. It is a wildwest game with a twist… everybody is a robot who can customize their bot and buy new guns and clothes with bounty bucks. You battle on one map and and pick up bounty bucks as you walk. You must get to a safe to put your money in or you will lose it when you die. Certain guns shoot automatically when they go over another bot, but they don’t cause as much damage as the manually shot guns. The manually shot guns cause more damage but are harder to shoot. I give it a 4 outof 5 star becaue it is a great game yet it doesn’t have the best control system. I recommend sticking with the duelist pistols because they have the right amount of accuracy and power. The autopistol and the fayzabeam guns are the best in my opinion because they are the two autos and they work great. Bounty Bots is a a lot of fun. it’s free and it’s worth a try.

Reviewed By: Damian J. Clark

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