S.E.O. is O.U.T.!


There’s tension and speculation in the web-marketing world that Google is close to unleashing an algorithm that’s purpose is to detect websites that utilize too much Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.).  A Google rep at South by Southwest [woot] mentioned they would be looking into penalizations for over optimized sites.

So, What is over-optimization?

There’s already a great resource on the net full of useful tips on “” a website (did I just say that?) if you do the homework you’ll find the gist of it all is manipulation. Be genuine with your website, don’t try to ‘trick’ Google, kill the old school keyword splatter, and be Search Engine Friendly.

There will be allot of undoing over the next few weeks, allot of calls to many people explaining how the old ways are gone, the new results are coming in, bringing a new internet with it. I’m looking forward to the change, I think this will clear the field and let the higher quality sites reach the top filled with rich relevant content rather than whoever has the biggest S.E.O. budget.

Thanks Google, you’re always on top of things, giving us what we want way before we even knew we wanted it.

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