3 Real Reasons To Use WordPress For Your Website

WordPress is one of the most powerful content management systems available today – and it’s completely free to use just as Youtube, Instgram and other social media applications. There are over 54 million WordPress sites worldwide. Each month, over 328 million people read more than 2.5 billion WordPress pages. The platform powers some of today’s most popular websites, including CNN, The New York Times, NBC Sports, UPS, eBay and hundreds more. Just like how I use and find SEO companies to be very helpful for my WordPress account in the same way I’ve always perceived youtube marketing companies as a good thing as well cause in the end the content which is on the internet has to be marketed in one way or the other to grow its reach and gain viewers/readers.

Converting your old website to a WordPress site is a smart, strategic choice and using a company like Web Design NJ to generate more traffic onto it to improve its SEO score now that’s good planning. Converting your viewers into customers is a more strategic plan. To do that, seek assistance from the SEO members of Joel house to drive more traffic to your website. But distunguish the diffeence in sizes and types of business, meaning that if you are small company use specialized seo services for small business.  Optimising your website is quite essential. You might have a small business or a big business, but as long as your site is not optimised you cannot expect any progress. If you are seeking out for some help to get your site “SEO” optimised you can visit

Not only will you have the world’s most powerful content management system at your fingertips, but now all the web tasks that used to take up hours of your time can be done in just seconds. From automatically optimizing your web content to fully integrating social media, WordPress makes the web easy and fun again. Study also sendinblue review and alternatives, as this software offers marketing automation and transactional email services. Almost everyone is building backlinks the wrong way… and until now no one wanted to explain why. Before I continue you need to know this is NOT a guide on how to obtain backlinks, this article is an extensive SEO linking strategy on the proper way to build backlinks.

“Here are three reasons why you can’t afford NOT to upgrade to WordPress”:

#1: Easy to use. WordPress just works; it’s that simple. Since there’s nothing complicated about WordPress, there’s virtually no learning curve. The platform is easy to scale up or down to meet your needs. From editing site content and uploading pictures to changing your theme or adding fresh content, you’re in total control, every step of the way. No fancy web design experience – or overpriced web designer – ¬is required. Upgrading to WordPress may be the best financial investment you make.

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#2: Optimized for Google search. WordPress makes publishing SEO-friendly content a breeze. The web platform allows for post tags as well as header and alt-image tags. Most importantly, many WordPress themes feature content optimization plugins that manage everything from XML site maps and permalink cleanup to SEO-friendly post titles and meta descriptions. Plus, eCommerce features you’d need, listed at

These plugins are completely free and automate many aspects of SEO. Finally, your content will receive the Google front-page results ranking that it deserves!

#3: Full social media integration. From Twitter to LinkedIn (and Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr, and more), WordPress makes social media integration a breeze. Our free plugin automatically links your social media accounts to your website. You control how these accounts are displayed. Want to list your LinkedIn profile or show your Twitter feed? Simply add your account info and everything is ready to go. Plus, these plugins add social media shortcuts to all your blog content, so visitors can quickly Tweet a link to your article simply by clicking the Twitter icon. You can even view a live count of how many times your story has been re-tweeted! Cialis

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