A Fresh New Look For The City of Canal Fulton

The City of Canal Fulton came to us looking for a fresh look for their aging website. Our main goal was to implement a modern, responsive web design without moving too many of their popular features around. We didn’t want to discourage long time users of the site by changing the way they used the site to get useful information. We want it to look good, but it needed to remain useful and feel recognizable.

The City of Canal Fulton   Canal Fulton  OhioAlong the way, Jon found a great photographer, and Canal Fulton resident named Tom Bower on Flickr. We give him a lot of credit for allowing us to use the images. His work speaks for itself.

Both the city and our team are very pleased with the outcome and we are really happy for the opportunity to work with such a great community.

Graydian Helps Change The Way You Buy Produce

logoWe always love a challenge and better yet, we love to solve problems that no one else has attempted yet. We are sure we got it right on this one. The Hartville Marketplace has been a long time client of ours. If  you have yet to visited their huge outdoor flea market, or their  indoor marketplace, I highly suggest it.

They came to us a couple months ago and told us they wanted to sell produce online. I think they may have expected us to question the idea, but staying true to our style we said “Let’s Go Do It!”

A couple months later we launched . After working with their focus group and test orders we believe we have created the perfect experience for quick and easy online/mobile shopping. You can access the site at on your computer or mobile device. You can also access the site via their mobile app available on Android and iOS.

I will let the folks at Market2Go describe the service in their own words.

“Market2Go is a unique and easy way to get the best fresh produce that Hartville MarketPlace & Flea Market has to offer. Simply peruse the daily produce offerings available and make your choices. Once you complete your order, set your pick up time and select your payment method. When it’s time for you to pick up your order, just drive to HMP, pull up under the main entrance awning, telephone customer service at 330-877-9860 and let our staff know that you are here to pick up your order. Our staff will promptly bring your order out and load it in your vehicle for you! It’s as simple as that. To ensure the highest possible quality and availability, Market2Go offers Same-Day Pick Up Only.

We understand just how busy your day can be and we’re here to help. Your time is precious and sometimes a leisurely stroll through Hartville Marketplace, hand picking the best farm fresh produce won’t fit into your hectic schedule. Don’t worry, it’s still possible to get healthy fruits and veggies home to your kitchen. Our convenient Market2Go takes a fraction of the time. Using our website or mobile app you can choose your produce and add the quantities you want to your cart.

Then check out by paying and choosing your pick up time. Our staff will do the shopping for you and have your order ready. When you drive up to our main entrance simply give us a call and we’ll bring your order to the car. Hartville Marketplace just made buying produce quick and easy with our convenient Market2Go.”

Trying To Decide Between a Mobile App & Mobile Friendly Site? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Why Google+ Is Worth It

Google is used for more than two thirds of all searches
Google is the leader of the search industry. People love Google because it delivers the most relevant content. It’s the Coca-Cola of the web, boasting its own namesake verb. Marketers love it because of pay per click AdWords tool, and the ability to market “for free” using search engine optimization.

Rich Snippets
Google+ was created because Google wanted access to your social data. What you like, your interests, the people you interact with, even the town where you live and do business. This may sound slightly creepy, but for one who is trying marketing their website, it is a good thing. Because Google knows these things about you, and they know those things about other people as well, Google is able to determine who your content is most relevant to, and deliver your articles and blog posts to the people who really matter.

Google has introduced something called Rich Snippets. You may have seen these before in a Google search. You know, those search results with a picture of the author beside them. Studies have shown that those “Rich Snippet” results have increased click rates of over 150%. That’s pretty big.

The Gold Mine
With your Google+ profile tagged with your content in the search results, someone who comes across one of your articles can easily discover more of your work by clicking on the “more by” link, and in some cases, after clicking the back button from an article found by Google Search, more links by the author will be delivered.

It’s Easy
If you have an email address with the same domain as your website, all you need to do is register it and Google does the rest of the work. If you do not, Google provides us with some simple instructions, only requiring basic HTML and a link from your Google+ profile. My favorite solution, however, is a WordPress plugin that does all the work for you!

It’s a simple solution that very few people are taking advantage of. Because of that, now is the perfect time to jump on the band wagon, and make your content stand out from all the others!

Dizzle Daily: App Review – Where’s My Water

Where’s my water is a fun game where you help swampy  get the water from his broken pipes to his shower. You can change water from steam to ice and back to water.

You can fill balloons with water and pop them at the end pipe. You also need to find the extra collection items to get the bonus levels. The bonus levels sometimes include tilting the phone.

This game gets a 4 star rating. You should get this app and help out Swampy. Try the new mystery duck mode.

Damian J. Clark

3 Real Reasons To Use WordPress For Your Website

 WordPress is one of the most powerful content management systems available today – and it’s completely free to use. There are over 54 million WordPress sites worldwide. Each month, over 328 million people read more than 2.5 billion WordPress pages. The platform powers some of today’s most popular websites, including CNN, The New York Times, NBC Sports, UPS, eBay and hundreds more.

Converting your old website to a WordPress site is a smart, strategic choice. Not only will you have the world’s most powerful content management system at your fingertips, but now all the web tasks that used to take up hours of your time can be done in just seconds. From automatically optimizing your web content to fully integrating social media, WordPress makes the web easy and fun again.

Here are three reasons why you can’t afford NOT to upgrade to WordPress:

#1: Easy to use. WordPress just works; it’s that simple. Since there’s nothing complicated about WordPress, there’s virtually no learning curve. The platform is easy to scale up or down to meet your needs. From editing site content and uploading pictures to changing your theme or adding fresh content, you’re in total control, every step of the way. No fancy web design experience – or overpriced web designer – ¬is required. Upgrading to WordPress may be the best financial investment you make.

#2: Optimized for Google search. WordPress makes publishing SEO-friendly content a breeze. The web platform allows for post tags as well as header and alt-image tags. Most importantly, many WordPress themes feature content optimization plugins that manage everything from XML site maps and permalink cleanup to SEO-friendly post titles and meta descriptions. These plugins are completely free and automate many aspects of SEO. Finally, your content will receive the Google front-page results ranking that it deserves!

#3: Full social media integration. From Twitter to LinkedIn (and Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr, and more), WordPress makes social media integration a breeze. Our free plugin automatically links your social media accounts to your website. You control how these accounts are displayed. Want to list your LinkedIn profile or show your Twitter feed? Simply add your account info and everything is ready to go. Plus, these plugins add social media shortcuts to all your blog content, so visitors can quickly Tweet a link to your article simply by clicking the Twitter icon. You can even view a live count of how many times your story has been re-tweeted! Cialis

Dizzle Daily: App Review – CSR Racing

CSR Racing is a great game where you are a racer who drag races for money and move up the tiers of competitors. The goal of the game is to beat all of the boss racers’ but to get to them you have to beat their whole crew first. You need to constantly upgrade your car to beat the best of the best. Some tips i can give you are that the regulation races and ladder races are good to start out with. You never want to go up a tier and just go right into crew races. After every boss you beat you have a chance to race him again for his car and if you lose you have to give them some gold. Every teir you go up you need a new car. You can not race a tier 2 car in a tier 3 race you must find a way to buy a new car. Another thing you need is gas. Every race you go in you lose one liter of gas. You get ten liters every day. You can automatically fill your tank with two pieces of gold. The easiest way to get gold is to level up. CSR Racing gets 5 stars and I believe you should invest in this game.


Want Control of Your Website? – Try WordPress

Have you ever toyed with the idea of creating a website for yourself or your business? Did you ignore the thought because you feel you don’t have the skills required to do so? You can disregard that fear completely even if you do not consider yourself to be computer savvy. The task can easily be accomplished with a little help from WordPress. Read along and discover how we can set you up with an easy to use content management website (CMS), that you or your staff can easily update. 

What Exactly is WordPress?

In Internet jargon, WordPress is a CMS or Content Management System. The company started out as a blog service in the early 2000s and has grown into one of the leaders in providing web content, including websites. The advantage in any CMS is that it grants the user easy access to create and update their websites. This includes changing text, adding photos or videos, creating new pages, and then publishing the site on the web. All of these aspects are controlled entirely by the user.

What Sets WordPress Apart from Others?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of CMS companies available on the Internet, but any WordPress web designer will tell you that WordPress is the one clear choice out of the group. Many of the top corporations in the world use WordPress as their CMS. Sony, Samsung, Ford and CNN rely on WordPress, just to name a few. There are many reasons why WordPress is considered superior in the industry.

  • Simplicity – If you can handle reading your e-mail, browsing Facebook and using Microsoft Word, you have what it takes to become a WordPress web designer.
  • You are in control – No need to pay us to do updates. You choose what to update and when to do it and all content is in your own words and in your control.
  • Content Management and Blogging – Very easy to update. My 12 year old son writes content for our site on his own, no help from dad.
  • WordPress is search engine friendly – Let me stress that again. WordPress is VERY search engine friendly. The structure and coding of WordPress is highly compatible with Google and other top search engines. This was the main reason we started to use WordPress on our own site.
  • Advanced features available – With additional plug-ins, you can customize your site even further and add audio, a Google map, forms, calendars, photo galleries and a whole lot more.

Take control of your site. Contribute to your site with great content and stories about your business. It is what Google is, and will be looking for more of in the future. We Promise!

LinkedIn Hacked – The steps you need to take

Let’s start by changing your password NOW! Stop reading,Click Here to go to your LinkedIn account and change your password.

It was reported that over 160 million were compromised. This cool little site, will check to see if your account was one of the lucky 160 million.

Here is a little info on what LinkedIn is doing to solve the issue and get your life back together.

1. Members that have accounts associated with the compromised passwords will notice that their LinkedIn account password is no longer valid.

2. These members will also receive an email from LinkedIn with instructions on how to reset their passwords. There will not be any links in these emails. For security reasons, you should never change your password on any website by following a link in an email.

3. These affected members will receive a second email from our Customer Support team providing a bit more context on this situation and why they are being asked to change their passwords.

Was Your Site Effected By Google’s “Big Change”?

As a savvy small business professional, you know the success of your company depends on how visible you are to your customers, existing and potential. And you also know one of the most cost-effective ways to ensure that visibility is to have a strong web presence. Maintaining a high profile in the competitive world of web marketing isn’t easy, though. In a recent “Ask Your Target Market” survey, only 15% of respondents said they look beyond the first five pages of search results. And until recently, search engine marketing was mainly a matter of ensuring you had the right density of keywords, links and headings. The more keywords you had on your site, the higher your page would rank in the search results.

Over the past few months, Google changed the rules. Google is the most popular search engine in the world. It accounted for over 6.4% of all Internet traffic in 2010 alone; and from 2012, what Google describes as over-optimized websites will be penalized. Put simply, sites will be removed from the Google index if they are low in quality content but overly dense in keywords, if they list too many keywords on the site, include duplicate content, or incorporate dubious back-linking. In total, there are 200 flags that are likely to get your site penalized if not removed entirely – in effect, making your site invisible to your customers. We are here to help you make sure your content is genuinely targeted to keep you high in the search rankings. We’ve been there, personally: we’re experienced in creating great content that is not only geared towards local search engine optimization but guaranteed to increase your presence in the world of social media marketing, whether it’s on a traditional desktop or laptop computer, or on a mobile device.

We specialize in simplicity, clarity and quality when it comes to web content, and we can help you do the same, giving you that competitive edge you need while preserving your unique online personality. Most of all, we’re on your side – we work with you to build your web presence.

The process begins by searching for relevant keywords for your site and ensuring they are as accurate and descriptive as possible. Information is then collected from what are known as Web 2.0 sites, such as Blogger and WordPress, which are well-indexed by Google. We then syndicate this content through your social media pages such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The heart of this quality content, unique to you and using natural language. Once the information is assembled, the sites are linked. Your site is at the heart of the wheel, but is linked to each of the Web 2.0 sites – each link, in effect, is a spoke, and you can have as many spokes as you want or need.

Were Ready to Start! Make the move and start to generate valuable leads, The Right Way. 

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