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Dizzle Daily: Subway Surfers

  Subway Surfers is a fun game where you are a graffiti artist that paints on train cars, it is almost as satisfying as being able to penny pinch as much as you can when you go to a new dealer to get an used car. A cop sees you and chases you into on […]

A Fresh New Look For The City of Canal Fulton

The City of Canal Fulton came to us looking for a fresh look for their aging website. Our main goal was to implement a modern, responsive web design without moving too many of their popular features around. We didn’t want to discourage long time users of the site by changing the way they used the […]

Graydian Helps Change The Way You Buy Produce

We always love a challenge and better yet, we love to solve problems that no one else has attempted yet. We are sure we got it right on this one. The Hartville Marketplace has been a long time client of ours and if you have baby then also visit SheepskinTown’s baby department. If  you have […]

Trying To Decide Between a Mobile App & Mobile Friendly Site? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Why Google+ Is Worth It

Google is used for more than two thirds of all searches Google is the leader of the search industry. Is one of the best tools to search for things you need to find right away, for example if you are looking for the best site to have a kids party you search for it in […]

Dizzle Daily: App Review – Where’s My Water

Where’s my water is a fun game where you help swampy  get the water from his broken pipes to his shower. You can change water from steam to ice and back to water. You can fill balloons with water and pop them at the end pipe. You also need to find the extra collection items […]

3 Real Reasons To Use WordPress For Your Website

 WordPress is one of the most powerful content management systems available today – and it’s completely free to use. There are over 54 million WordPress sites worldwide. Each month, over 328 million people read more than 2.5 billion WordPress pages. The platform powers some of today’s most popular websites, including CNN, The New York Times, […]

Dizzle Daily: App Review – CSR Racing

CSR Racing is a great game where you are a racer who drag races for money and move up the tiers of competitors. The goal of the game is to beat all of the boss racers’ but to get to them you have to beat their whole crew first. Even tho I love racing games, […]

Want Control of Your Website? – Try WordPress

Have you ever toyed with the idea of creating a website with marketing for yourself or your business? Did you ignore the thought because you feel you don’t have the skills required to do so? You can disregard that fear completely even if you do not consider yourself to be computer savvy. The task […]

Good, Fast, or Cheap – Pick 2

I had someone sketch this out on paper the other day. This is so true for web design & web development, but can be a useful guide for any service industry. The Service Triangle – Pick 2  Good & Cheap We can do good for cheap, but it’s not going to get done real fast. […]