Content Management (CMS)

What is CMS

A CMS is a tool that enables a variety of (centralized) technical and (de-centralized) non technical staff to create, edit, manage and finally publish (in a number of formats) a variety of content (such as text, graphics, video, documents etc), whilst being constrained by a centralized set of rules, process and workflows that ensure coherent, validated electronic content.

What We Do

We are custom programmers, but we also know our role. We dont believe in reinventing the wheel, if it’s not broke…. All that stuff. Over the years we have refitted many new clients with one of our hand picked Content Management Systems. They come to us from other developers that though they could do it better on their own. What they ended up with was an underdeveloped, antiquated, and unusable product. The clients basically quit on the system.It always made sense to us to use proven applications to execute a perfect solution for our clients. Here are a few of our favorites.

Easy to Use

When your website is built with concrete5, you can easily change content from any modern web browser. When you see content you want to change, click edit and make your changes. Done – it’s just that easy.SEO is a breeze when you can add meta content to any page or image right away.

Let your website grow organically

We made concrete5 to serve everyone. Look through our showcase to see sites created by a diverse group of people. Our marketplace only publishes rigorously tested add-ons that won’t break your site. With concrete5 you can start with a simple content site and turn it into a extranet or intranet later. Our active Community is filled with individuals who are happy to help at no cost in the forums and there are plenty of support options available.