Repair & Upgrades

Computer Service & Repair

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a senior-level tech support technician at your disposal?  A computer expert, in person, eager to help you get your computer problems solved and all of your computer questions answered?  How about getting your computer problems solved by someone who doesn’t talk down to you or dazzle and confuse you with tech talk?  Well, you found what you’ve been looking for!

Custom IT Solutions

Keep it simple. This is our mantra. Our straightforward, consultative approach to supporting your network delivers greater performance, productivity, security and management advantages for your organization. Our consultants have the know-how to protect your network while you and your employees benefit from the advantages of remote access anywhere, anytime.

Virus Removal Services

Got a virus? Thousands of new viruses are created every week. Almost half of what we do everyday as computer repair technicians involves viruses and spyware infections. How can you get virus removal services and protect your computer from this scourge? It’s simple–just call on one of our technicians to thoroughly clean your computer system of infections, install the best antivirus software available, and show you how to avoid trouble with malware in the future.

Data Recovery Services

We can recover data from all types of devices, such as: Hard Drives, RAID Systems, Tape, CD, DVD, Diskettes, ZIP Disks, Memory Cards, Flash/Thumb Drives, etc.

If you have experienced loss of access to a hard drive do not try to recover the data yourself. The first data recovery attempt is the best attempt. Power-down your computer, or drive, to prevent further damage to the drive and your data. Then, call a reputable data recovery company like for a solution. In most cases, the data can be recovered from inaccessible or defective storage devices.