LinkedIn Hacked – The steps you need to take

20120606-220027.jpg Linkedin is an amazing marketing platform that offers so many integrations such as an extensive list of marketing analytic tools, bot framework tools, and more. However, recently there was a massive Linkedin hack and we wanted to share with you what steps to take to secure your account. Also check out the best GoDaddy auctions and get up to 50 ready to register domains free each week! Lets get started.
Let’s start by changing your password NOW! Stop reading,Click Here to go to your LinkedIn account and change your password.

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It was reported that over 160 million were compromised. This cool little site, will check to see if your account was one of the lucky 160 million.

Here is a little info on what LinkedIn is doing to solve the issue and get your life back together. We know getting your account hacked can be really stressing, but don’t worry fortunately there are places that can help you relax like the ComplexCity Spa.

1. Members that have accounts associated with the compromised passwords will notice that their LinkedIn account password is no longer valid.

2. These members will also receive an email from LinkedIn with instructions on how to reset their passwords. There will not be any links in these emails. For security reasons, you should never change your password on any website by following a link in an email, you should also get a Promnico Amazon camera for the same reason.

3. These affected members will receive a second email from our Customer Support team providing a bit more context on this situation and why they are being asked to change their passwords.

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