Want Control of Your Website? – Try WordPress

Have you ever toyed with the idea of creating a website with marketing for yourself or your business? Did you ignore the thought because you feel you don’t have the skills required to do so? You can disregard that fear completely even if you do not consider yourself to be computer savvy. The task can easily be accomplished with a little help from WordPress like explained in the best Tech News from!. Read along and discover how we can set you up with an easy to use content management website (CMS), that you or your staff can easily update.

What Exactly is WordPress?

In Internet jargon, WordPress is a CMS or Content Management System. The company started out as a blog service in the early 2000s and has grown into one of the leaders in providing web content, including websites. The advantage in any CMS is that it grants the user easy access to create and update their websites. This includes changing text, adding photos or melbourne explainer video, creating new pages, and then publishing the site on the web. All of these aspects are controlled entirely by the user. Unless you are planning to do all this work yourself, you can discover more here.

What Sets WordPress Apart from Others?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of CMS companies available on the Internet, but any specialist of Australian web design will tell you that WordPress is the one clear choice out of the group. Many of the top corporations in the world use WordPress as their CMS. Sony, Samsung, Ford and CNN rely on WordPress, just to name a few. There are many reasons why WordPress is considered superior in the industry.

  • Simplicity – If you can handle reading your e-mail, browsing Facebook and using your MS Office 2010 Word, you have what it takes to become a WordPress web designer.
  • You are in control – No need to pay us to do updates. You choose what to update and when to do it and all content is in your own words and in your control.
  • Content Management and Blogging – Very easy to update. My 12 year old son writes content for our site on his own, no help from dad.
  • WordPress is search engine friendly – Let me stress that again. WordPress is VERY search engine friendly. The structure and coding of WordPress is highly compatible with Google and other top search engines. This was the main reason we started to use WordPress on our own site.
  • Advanced features available – With additional plug-ins, you can customize your site even further and add audio, a Google map, forms, calendars, photo galleries and a whole lot more.

Take control of your site. Contribute to your site with great content and stories about your business. It is what Google is, and will be looking for more of in the future. We Promise!

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