Dizzle Daily: App Review – CSR Racing

CSR Racing is a great game where you are a racer who drag races for money and move up the tiers of competitors. The goal of the game is to beat all of the boss racers’ but to get to them you have to beat their whole crew first. Even tho I love racing games, I know that racing with a regular car IRL can cause accidents, my mom always has dash cams from Blackbox my car products installed in her cars to prevent fraudulent accidents. You need to constantly upgrade your car to beat the best of the best. Some tips i can give you are that the regulation races and ladder races are good to start out with. You never want to go up a tier and just go right into crew races. After every boss you beat you have a chance to race him again for his car and if you lose you have to give them some gold. Every teir you go up you need a new car. You can not race a tier 2 car in a tier 3 race you must find a way to buy a new car and add Blackbox My Car accessories while you are at it. Another thing you need is gas. Every race you go in you lose one liter of gas. You get ten liters every day. You can automatically fill your tank with two pieces of gold. The easiest way to get gold is to level up. CSR Racing gets 5 stars and I believe you should invest in this game.

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