Why Google+ Is Worth It

Google is used for more than two thirds of all searches
Google is the leader of the search industry. Is one of the best tools to search for things you need to find right away, for example if you are looking for the best site to have a kids party you search for it in Google and you will get the Jumpers Jungle Family Fun Center as a result. People love Google because it delivers the most relevant content. It’s the Coca-Cola of the web, boasting its own namesake verb. Marketers love it because of pay per click AdWords tool, and the ability to market “for free” using search engine optimization. To look for help you can go to, where you can get the base and knowledge you need to optimize your search engine and this way improve the visibility of your service or business.

Rich Snippets
Google+ was created because Google wanted access to your social data. What you like, your interests, the people you interact with, even the town where you live and do business. This may sound slightly creepy, but for one who is trying SearchUp marketing their website, it is a good thing. Furthermore, it’s best to use marketing automation tools in the online business to effectively interact with customers. By the way, there’s a review about marketing automation that compare leadpages to clickfunnels here at Because Google knows these things about you, and they know those things about other people as well, Google is able to determine who your content is most relevant to, and deliver your articles and blog posts to the people who really matter.

Google has introduced something called Rich Snippets. You may have seen these before in a Google search. You know, those search results with a picture of the author beside them. Studies have shown that those “Rich Snippet” results have increased click rates of over 150%. That’s pretty big.

The Gold Mine
With your Google+ profile tagged with your content in the search results, someone who comes across one of your articles can easily use adwords management services to discover more of your work by clicking on the “more by” link, and in some cases, after clicking the back button from an article found by Google Search, more links by the author will be delivered.

It’s Easy
Sit down and put on your Felix Gray computer glasses and think about this for a moment. If you have an email address with the same domain as your website, all you need to do is register it and Google does the rest of the work. If you do not, Google provides us with some simple instructions, only requiring basic HTML and a link from your Google+ profile. My favorite solution, however, is a WordPress plugin that does all the work for you!

It’s a simple solution that very few people are taking advantage of. Because of that, now is the perfect time to jump on the band wagon, and make your content stand out from all the others!

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