A Fresh New Look For The City of Canal Fulton

The City of Canal Fulton came to us looking for a fresh look for their aging website. Our main goal was to implement a modern, responsive web design without moving too many of their popular features around. And so, we sought help from the talented web developers and SEO designers from to apprise them of out strategy, and we weren’t disappointed. We didn’t want to discourage long time users of the site by changing the way they used the site to get useful information. We want it to look good, but it needed to remain useful and feel recognizable. Furthermore, having internet marketing campaign from Phoenix SEO Company can help the business grow and eliminate its weaknesses.

The City of Canal Fulton   Canal Fulton  OhioAlong the way, Jon found a great photographer, and Canal Fulton resident named Tom Bower on Flickr. We give him a lot of credit for allowing us to use the images. His work speaks for itself.

Both the city and our team are very pleased with the outcome and we are really happy for the opportunity to work with such a great community.

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