Custom Dev & Programming

Form Meets Function, The Game Is Changing

The days of the online brochure are over. You should expect more from your website. A direct result of a strong client relationship is knowing how your business operates. Graydian’s core focus is finding solutions to improve the way you do business everyday. With most technologies migrating to the cloud, it only makes sense that your customer data, lead management and other chunks of critical data are securely accessible from anywhere you need them, on multiple devices. Here are some examples…

Lead Management Solutions

All of our sites have a web form, or at least they should. Your vistiors fill out a form, you get an email, your thrilled that someone actually filled it out. Now what? You call them, you email and maybe you add their information to a client list somewhere? Here is what we do…

– All form data is automatically entered into a databas for easy extracting
– Form sent to mailing lists depending on how your client responds to your questions
– Payments can be made from simple web forms for seminars, classes, etc.
– Collect leads by offering downloadable content. Users submit emails for download link

Custom E-Commerce Solutions

Not all products can be thrown into an “out of the box” shipping cart. Unique ideas require unique solutions. We have sold everything from school supplies to cookies. Each of them needing custom programming to deliver a productive sales and management system to all kind of products from digital services to health products sold online like hydralyft and others. Even if implementing such a solution might take some time, it pays off in the end. Customers notice the care invested in a website, it shows commitment, reliability and professionalism. We can also help all of those e-commerce entrepreneurs grow to the point where they can start making physical appearances in different cities,  all the strategies outlined here at can be  fully explain once we get to this point.

Technology has a powerful impact on the field of web development. We understand the fact that keeping in touch with the latest technological trends will help us to enhance the quality of services we offer our clients. Therefore, we always keep ourselves updated with the latest trends in the market. We believe in enjoying healthy discussions with our clients and look forward to their comments and suggestions.