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High rankings on search engines are no longer a right that is given to every website. If you are searching for your services on these search engines it is almost guaranteed the companies at the top of the list are contributing marketing budgets towards a managed Search Engine Optimization campaign. Search engines use a very complicated algorithm to determine who is at the top of the list. That algorithm looks at many different factors when making these determinations, and they are always changing.

Below are a few examples of the extensive work that we put in to your site every month. Our goal is not to build traffic, but increase your sales, or valid leads by positioning your site effectively on search engines.

Calls to Action

The “call to action” is one of the most important concepts in marketing and promotion.  Simply put, after you’ve established that you have something of value to offer and that you’re the perfect choice to deliver it, you want to ask your prospect to take the next step from products and services as digital software or crypto marketing which you can learn about with the help of Tom Johnston online. You deliver a call to action.

Our first priority, even before building traffic is to create effective ways to obtain valuable prospective client contact information through your website. Currently there is no effective method to gather this information on your site. Here are a couple methods we would use first.

  • Schedule a Consultation (web form)
  • Have questions? We can Help! (web form)
  • Sign up for our newsletter (web form)
  • Enter a contest or a free leveling give away (web form)
  • Email offers using our lead management lists

Our goal is to get you the info to make the sale, it all starts there. Our business is no different. Clients don’t make decisions based on websites, we get that. Step one is getting you the information to make or take the call. Step 2 is storing that information for future marketing efforts.

Local Search Engine Marketing

Google, Bing and Yahoo recently started to offer local search results for users depending on their geographic locations. Information on geographic location is now available because of the increased usage of smart phones and the ability to pinpoint where a user is while using a computer.

This information opens new doors for local brick and mortar businesses. If you’re not doing this already, your companies listings have not been “claimed and optimized” for this new search strategy, leaving your site out of valuable search results.

Google, Bing, and Yahoo local listings need to be “claimed” and require ongoing optimization, just like your website. If you need help filling in these marketing process gaps, you can contact PlacementSEO to claim the listing for you in Google, Bing, AOL, and Yahoo and optimize it with keywords. They will claim and optimize local listings, bringing them to the top of these local results list.

18% of marketers say that content marketing has the greatest commercial impact on their business of any channel in 2016. Content marketing is the process of creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience and drive profitable customer action, all of this is important to manage a small business marketing strategy and to help it boost it in its best potential.

Unlike paid advertising, content marketing focuses more on long-term results. The initial payoff tends to be low, but the long-term, sustainable growth in visitors, leads, and customers can single-handedly carry a business.

Keyword Selection

Determining what keywords to market may seem like a simple task. A first step is to simply make a list of words and phrases that describe what you do and then use them in your web site. Unfortunately, many of your competitors have done the same and are running their SEO/SEM campaigns using those same keywords. As a result of using the ‘simple process’, thousands of sites are competing for a few obvious phrases.

How do we optimize keywords?

  • We gather user search data and look for unique long tail keywords with less competition.
  • We tolerate a smaller number of monthly searches, because the competition is decreased.
  • We focus on multiple keywords and phrases, rather than competing for single, high volume keywords.
  • We do ongoing keyword research which is necessary to stay ahead of your competition.

Why do we recommend these keywords?
Using this method yields a larger search volume over a more diverse set of keywords & phrases
The larger search volume gives a larger, more diverse flow of traffic to your site

Keyword Placement

According to the standard Ray Higdon training, title Tags, Meta Tags, alt Tags, H1, H2, and H3 are just a few more terms that that you will need to become fond of. These are where your keywords need to be placed, where Google, Bing & Yahoo think important words should go.

How do we achieve the right Keyword Placement for your site?

  • It all starts with a great web design, another great service that we offer.
  • We create tidy source code and use of strict coding standards which are important to the search engines.
  • We place keywords in the tags mentioned above and tactically in the body text of your web page.
  • We review and revise your title tag.
  • We create landing pages meaning that each page should be unique and concentrate on certain groups of keywords or phrases.
  • We make the keyword and phrases seem natural in the content.
  • We perform ongoing analysis of competitor keywords and keyword placement.
  • We maneuver keywords and monitor performance as part of the monthly SEO/SEM Maintenance.

Search Engine Optimization