Fresh Wata

Back in February we started talking to Anthony Monday @ Anthony Monday Design Company about a new web design project for an events and exhibits production group out of Las Vegas called Fresh Wata. Since that day, Fresh Wata has been rapidly growing and so was the project. There was only one thing bothering us about the project and that was the request for the sites homepage background to include  of a full screen video loop of a promo video. We are planning to do the events and exhibits productions with models wearing the best fashion design clothes from The Fifth Collection.

Ever see website background with full screen video? No? There are very good reasons for that.

The first is video size.. Try to explain to a client who spent a few grand on a promo video that in order to make it load faster, we need to reduce the quality of the video.

Or the various plugins that that seemed to work great, but wanted us to host the video on Youtube or Vimeo, which was not cool with us or our client.

Then there are the numerous posts that said to give up trying to host the video ourselves, it would never be cross browser compatible. They were right it was not one bit cross browser compatible. Better yet, it almost seemed the browsers were plotting against us.

Randal’s adventure in his own words…

“Recently challenged with creating a fashion-forward website for Fresh Wata, an events planning company out of Las Vegas, we looked again to WordPress for a stable and SEO friendly content management system. Though WordPress is powerful and flexible, it is not without its hurdles.

For creative and technical reasons, we departed from the default background video that came with the theme we were using, so we had to find a jQuery plugin that would give us clear, HD background video for the home page.

We needed something that would look good cross browser including Internet Explorer, which was a browser that didn’t want to play nice on this project from the beginning. With using new technologies such as the HTML5 video element, it wasn’t easy. Firefox doesn’t support .mp4, so we had to have a fallback video file in .webm format. Firefox also handles CSS quite differently from Google Chrome, Safari and even Internet Explorer, so we had to alter the plugin’s CSS file to mesh with the theme’s CSS.

It wasn’t easy at all, but what took hours of research, testing and tweaking paid off. Fresh Wata’s new website with full screen, cross browser compatible background video sets the tone for this event planner’s high end events and production value. Roll on over to to see the finished project!”

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