The City of North Canton

About This Project

The City of North Canton contacted us looking for a website that they could manage on their own. They wanted to be able to provide as much information, updates and news as possible to their residents and visitors. They had a content management in place, but the system was very antiquated and didn’t always work. This made updating the site a lengthy task. When we planned this site we skipped looking at websites done by neighboring cities. We explored cities such as Boston, San Fran, and New Jersey. We wanted to see what the big boys were doing, and how they were doing it.

How We Did It

We scrapped their existing “custom” content management site and implemented a new back-end powered by WordPress. We feel strongly about keeping things simple. WordPress is an open source content management system that is constantly being supported, developed and improved by 100’s of developers. We knew we couldn’t do any better than that, and keeping it simple meant keeping the cost down. The City loved that.

We then wrapped the WordPress back-end with an attractive intuitive design, giving the city website an updated, more attractive look and feel. The website houses hundreds of files that include City Council Minutes dating back to 2006.

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