Dynamic Websites

Build a feature-rich website with WordPress and more.

A “Dynamic Website" is a catch-all term for a customized website theme that is built on top of a content management system. More often than not, that means WordPress. WordPress is used by about 25% of the world's websites. It's fast, flexible, extensible, and SEO-friendly. A vast number of companies make themes for WordPress, and if you pick one, we can usually work with it. However, many of our WordPress sites begin with a simple, bare-bones theme. Then we highly customize it with PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript, then we add in functionality with a huge selection of plugins from the WordPress Plugin Directory. This is a great option if you don't have the budget to start everything from scratch. All of our WordPress sites are hosted with the excellent hosting platform WP Engine.

More Than Just WordPress

We are most comfortable working with WordPress, but we are more than happy to dig into any system you are already working with. Since we are HTML/CSS experts, we can dive into any system without much trouble. Beyond content management systems, we utilize a wide variety of great web services such as Wufoo, Mailchimp, Google's Site Kit, Stripe, Zapier, and tons more.

Already Have a Website?

We are also experts at the logistics of having an existing website. We have about 20 years experience in handling hosting, backups, domain name management, entire website transfers, and much more. We've pretty much seen it all.

Technologies We Utilize On Dynamic Websites

These are just a handful of our favorites!

Example Sites

We have a lot more to show you, but this is a small sampling of our dynamic website efforts.

Pole Barns Direct
High quality, custom post frame contractor.
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Palettes By Winesburg
Heirloom quality furniture maker.
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Warther Tours
Awesome group tours, with destinations all over the world.
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Little Guy Trailers
A very popular camping trailer manufacturer.
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Hartville Kitchen
A local favorite for family-style dining.
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Hartville MarketPlace
An amazing collection of local shops, markets, and artisans.
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EPZ Grounding Grates
Keeping professional electrical workers safe.
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Musson Rubber
An Akron, Ohio based rubber products distributor.
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