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Showcase your company in the best possible light.

Nothing tells your story quite like professionally shot photos and video. Great lifestyle photos are essential to websites, social media accounts, and print materials. Product photography is vital in bringing clarity and consistency to any online store. And a well shot and produced video can tell an important story that no other medium can match.

Lifestyle Photography

What is lifestyle photography? Lifestyle photography uses some creative flair to show your product or service in action. It typically shows your business in the best possbile light, with smiling faces and employees inviting a potential customer into a welcoming atmosphere.  Great lifestyle photography should leave the viewer with a positive feeling about your product or service, which is one of the most important goals Graydian aims for in any project.

Product Photography

Typically, product photography is less creative and rooted more in organization. Great product photography should aim to bring order and clarity to your product offering. It should help the customer compare and decide on products quickly and easily. Graydian employs a number of different methods to achieve quality product photography, including: background removal, color correction, color accuracy, 360º shots, and comparative scale. All of our product photography aims to give the customer an accurate picture of what they are buying.


Capturing video and audio is by no means easy, but Graydian will make it a breeze. Before any footage is shot, we plan out a video’s goals through the use of a shooting script and storyboarding. On shooting day, we gather as much footage and still photography as possible, including multiple angles, wide context shots, and close-up shots, depending on the subject matter. Our editors then go to work, producing a smooth, natural-feeling video that often plays along to the beat of the background music. The end result is a video and a story you can be proud to share.

Virtual Tours

Graydian is also great at capturing 360º footage for use in interactive virtual tours. This method is great for anything that needs a tour: a brick and mortar store, a factory floor, real estate, and much more. Please see our example tour below capturing the interior of a camping trailer.


Some of our recent photography and video projects.
Mapleton Road
Lifestyle & Product Photography

All photography for Mapleton Road is shot by Graydian. Bringing an all-American style to the action and product shots was an important branding decision for Mapleton Road. This choice expresses the extremely high quality and one-of-kind nature of their designs.

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Warther Cutlery
Product Photography

Most product photography on the Warther Cutlery site is shot by Graydian. By taking all product photos at the same 45º angle, we brought order and clarity to an otherwise chaotic and similar-looking product offering.

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Palettes By Winesburg Corporate Story

We spent one sunny summer day in Dundee, Ohio, touring through the manufacturing facility of Palettes by Winesburg. Using a steady cam for wide, sweeping shots, and a drone for overhead shots, we were able to capture the incredibly high quality and attention to detail that goes into every furniture product Palettes makes. This video was 100% planned, shot, edited, and produced by Graydian.

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Little Guy Max Virtual Tour

The Little Guy Max is the flagship product for Little Guy Trailers. In addition to all of the photography and video footage shot by Graydian, we also shot an interactive virtual tour of the trailer interior. This is done through use of a specialized 360º camera that is able to capture all of the imagery needed to make a virtual tour possible. Please see the walkthrough above, then visit the Little Guy site, which is also 100% produced by Graydian.

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