Graphic Design

Company branding you can be proud of.

Company branding is more than a logo. It is a set of values expressed in all public communications. Branding can be defined by a design aesthetic, a photography or writing style, in the character of employees, and ultimately… yes, a logo or series of logos that represent the company best.

Connecting The Dots

Graydian cares very deeply about branding and graphic design. Before the first pixel hits the canvas, we try to learn everything we can about a client. Through meetings, casual conversations, product offerings, and market research. We believe that every company has a series of dots to connect, and connecting those dots is what makes great graphic design possible.

More Than a Logo

The examples below are logos, yes, but we go far beyond just a logo. In fact, a logo is the end result of a learning process between us and the client. This learning process usually results in a broad style guide which covers color schemes, typography usage, and slogans. With a style guide, we can work together with clients to produce websites, email marketing, print materials, and social media that you can be proud to show off, while adhering to your company values.


Just a few of our company branding efforts from recent years.

Mapleton Road Crafts Goods Co.
Local handcrafted leather goods company.
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Palettes By Winesburg
Heirloom quality furniture maker.
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Woodstreet Creations
A high-end hardwood flooring manufacturer.

Concept Sales
Serving the electrical industry in 3 states.

Liberty Outdoors
RV trailer manufacturer in Somerset, PA

Southland Airstream & RV
RV & camping trailer dealer in Atlanta, GA

5S Floor Tape
Distributor of Mighty Line Tape products.
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Backyard Life
Outdoor poly wood furniture store.
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