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Our Experience with AccessiBe for Shopify

AccessiBe is an outstanding tool for achieving WCAG and ADA compliance effortlessly. The installation process took less than three minutes and was incredibly user-friendly. Once installed, it thoroughly analyzed our website, instantly making the necessary adjustments to ensure full compliance. The tool runs efficiently in the background, maintaining standards and providing an inclusive experience for all users. Within 3 minutes we were able to convert our site from non-compliant to compliant!

Installing AccessiBe on Shopify

AccessiBe can be installed in a few easy steps!

1. Create your account and navigate to the install tab in the AccessiBe Dashboard

2. Copy the code snippet provided by AccessiBe

3. Paste the install snippet in your websites theme, directly above the closing head tag

4. Test that the app is working correctly using AccessiBe's audit tool

5. Enjoy your newly optimized site!

The Importance of WCAG & ADA Compliance

Maintaining WCAG and ADA compliance on your website ensures accessibility for all users, including those with disabilities, fostering inclusivity and equal access to information. It enhances user experience and usability, reduces legal risks, and improves your brand reputation. By staying compliant, you expand your audience reach and demonstrate a commitment to accessibility.

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