A New Website For Local Custom Post Frame Contractor, Pole Barns Direct.

Launched in June of 2020, Pole Barns Direct's new website has been well-received by both customers and employees. Jennifer, marketing coordinator at Pole Barns Direct, was seeking a re-design, a smart way to handle leads, and a starting point for email marketing. Graydian delivered, even with a industry-shaking pandemic standing in the way.

“From the very beginning, the team at Graydian has been straightforward, honest, and extremely helpful. As we have worked with them on a new website and setting up some e-mail marketing, it's been clear that they know their stuff, and care about their customers.

They were willing to come meet with us and tried to learn as much about our company and our customers as they could before diving into our project. The ideas and designs they have given us have been intuitive and creative, and they've been very quick to respond anytime we've needed questions answered or issues handled.

They have been very patient and don't make us feel stupid for asking questions, and they can talk tech in a way that normal people can understand. If you're looking for an extremely talented, but still down-to-earth team for web design/maintenance or other media projects, the folks at Graydian will have your back." – Jennifer Bryan, Pole Barns Direct

Technologies Used:

For overall content management of the entire website.

Gravity Forms
For accepting leads, guide requests, general questions, and to flow contact info to Mailchimp.

Advanced Custom Fields
Plugin for WordPress. For creating custom editable areas for staff members.

For building, organizing, and automating email lists and email marketing.

Home Page

The home page of Pole Barns Direct was wireframed and mocked up for the client, long before any coding actually began. It features several diverse photos, showcasing the many sizes and styles the company can build. Right up front are the 2 lead-generating buttons “Download Our Guide" and “Get a Quote" – this effectively covers potential customers who are ready to build, and those that need some guidance.

Further down the page, are the primary building types and some reinforcing sales points that demonstrate the values of the company. Toward the bottom, once we've made our sales pitch, are testimonials from satisfied customers. With both text and video submissions.

Home Page Features:

  • Comprehensive Header Navigation
  • Lead-Generating Buttons
  • Diverse Photo Collection
  • Primary Building Types
  • Sales Points
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Comprehensive Footer Navigation

Product Page

Pole Barns Direct offers pages for each of their primary building types. All building pages list examples of building usage, and examples of different building sizes, complete with photos, dimensions, and approximate pricing for each.

At the bottom of each building page is a footer directing a potential customer where to go next in their journey, offering options for installation information, a building decision guide, and a quote form.


The Pole Barns Direct photo gallery was custom built by Graydian to allow easy searching for customers, and easy editing by office staff. It features nearly 200 individual buildings, and it is an essential resource for potential customers.

The photo gallery includes a keyword search, for which each photo can have search terms applied to it, such as the building colors, or other common descriptions that may not fit in the caption.

Lastly, the photo gallery is a surprisingly quick-loading page through the use of a lazy-loading script. Optimization of loading on this page is essential for SEO, and to prevent users from waiting for photos to load.

Content Editing

Most of the Pole Barns Direct site is easily editable by staff members. This includes the blog, options pages, testimonials, the project gallery, the photo gallery, and much more.

Advanced Custom Fields (a professional WordPress Plugin) and some custom programming makes possible a wide variety of custom-developed backend pages that are designed from the start to be easy to understand, and easy to update.

Building Decision Guide

The Building Decision Guide was developed as way for “interested, but not super interested" customers to answer some questions about their pole building project, and to help move customers forward in the process of starting their building design.

The guide also acts an incentive for potential customers to complete a lead form, which allows sales representatives to follow up and get a sense of everything a potential project might entail.

Lead Management

Sales leads are the lifeblood of Pole Barns Direct. And managing leads in an efficient way became a bit of a problem for the company before Graydian came on board.

By communicating directly with marketing coordinator Jennifer, and through many test submissions, Graydian was able to build a form system that not only worked well for the office, but brought the company much further ahead in office efficiency than they ever expected.

The form system is managed by Gravity Forms (a professional WordPress plugin) which offers a wide variety of form notification options for both the company and the customer. For example, different pre-designed notifications can be sent to the customer depending on certain selections the customer makes in the form, which offers a more personalized sales experience.

Form entries can be easily exported using easy to setup rules such as: state, zip code, building type, and/or date range.

With proper setup, Gravity Forms also makes it seamless for leads to flow into email lists in Mailchimp, all perfectly tagged and organized based on the customers' selections in the form. This allows Mailchimp to take over with automated follow up messages, or other email marketing techniques.

Email Lists & Email Marketing With Mailchimp

A disorganized email list can actually hurt a company's marketing efforts. Sending the wrong information to the wrong people leaves a bad impression. This is why Graydian takes great pains to develop form systems that ask the right questions from the start. In turn, the answers to those questions help categorize and tag customer leads extremely well.

Proper organization and tagging is at the heart of our email strategy for Pole Barns Direct. With the help of Mailchimp (a professional email marketing service) Graydian flows certain form submissions into email lists inside of Mailchimp. Then, through the use of automation, Pole Barns Direct can send emails that speak directly to a customers preferences, all automatically.

As a simple example, automated emails can have “variable data" – which means we can use different types of building photos for different types of customers, which provides a more personalized experience for the reader. Did you select an agricultural style building in the form? Then you will get agricultural style photos in your emails. This is just one example of how an organized email list and email marketing strategy can bring great benefits to a business, while providing a great first impression to the customer.

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