Local Travel Company Gets a Major Upgrade

Launched in early 2020, the Warther Tours website is a huge improvement over the previous site, which was mostly informational. Mark Warther, owner of Warther Tours, was seeking a website where customers could book their trips completely online with accurate prices and specials. Working closely with Mark in the Winter of 2019, Graydian delivered on these goals, along with an editing interface that is updated almost entirely by company employees, not a web designer.

“I feel you knocked it out of the park with our site design and performance and service. I feel we have a site that’s better than the big boys in our industry and feel it’s certainly marketable nationally. I have been and will be recommending Graydian to all I know in business, Keep up the good work!" - Mark Warther

Technologies Used:

For overall content management of the entire website.

Gravity Forms
For intake of customer information when placing an order, and email notifications.

Works in conjunction with Gravity Forms to process credit card orders.

Advanced Custom Fields
Plugin for WordPress, allowing for easily editable tour screens by staff members.

Home Page

Most of the home page is put together by company employees, not a web designer. Representatives from Warther Tours create their tour entries, which can have multiple trip dates, and include them in various featured sections on the home page.

Home Page Features:

  • Full screen hero image slider
  • Combined tour selections by date
  • Automatic inclusion of featured images
  • Categories for local tours
  • Editable areas for “about" sections below
  • All updated by staff employees

Tour Page

The tour pages are the bread and butter of the Warther Tours site. This is where a potential customer makes their decision to book. Considering this, we learned very quickly to spend most of our time on this template, and the related functions such as specials, tour details, the booking form itself, and accurate pricing.

Tour Page Features:

  • Full width featured image
  • Automatic date formatting
  • Tour highlights and inclusions right up front
  • Various content sections that can be shown or hidden
  • Itinerary timeline, maps, videos, photos can all be included
  • Booking form with automatic inclusion of pricing and discounts
  • All updated by staff employees

Tour Edit Screen

For employees, the most frequently used portion of the Warther Tours site is the tour editing screen. We spent a lot of time crafting this screen to make it as easy as possible for staff members to use. This is all made possible by the Advanced Custom Fields plugin for WordPress, and with careful attention to detail. Each major section is broken up into tabs, and each tab includes important information about the tour that can shown or hidden, depending on how much content is available for that particular tour. All tour information is entered here, including specials, pricing and discounts. The pricing is then passed into the booking form through the use of the Gravity Forms plugin, and some custom programming.

Tour Edit Screen Features:

  • Major sections broken up into tabs, for easy organization
  • Most sections can be shown or hidden per tour
  • Maps, videos, photo gallery, and more can be included
  • All date displays are automatic
  • Pricing and discounts are entered once and passed to the booking form
  • All updated by staff employees

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